Sunday, September 4, 2011

Design Seeds: Color palette inspiration

A few months ago, I read that when designing a room, you should focus more on the feeling your choices evoke, than just the actual colors and patterns. Sounds easy enough, right? Well... while I love color, and have so many ideas of what to do with "this color" or "that color," it's a struggle to put them together without creating a rainbow mess. Luckily, here comes the answer to my problems!

At Design Seeds, you can find countless color match-ups and palettes, so there's certainly one to fit what you're looking for.

I love the warmth and vibrance in this scheme- perfect for little E's room. ** Remember the aqua nightstand I redid? Now it's time to sew a bedspread!
I also bought some great grey sheets with a small geometric pattern on them, hoping to re-do our bedroom. I'm looking for something soothing, but still friendly and livable. I like all of these palettes for different reasons: The red, yellow, and blue is very classic, and is a good balance of warm and cool. The collection of neutrals is so soothing and clean, and could be spa-like. The warm orange, lavender, and pink is my favorite, but is it too girly for the hubs? It does have navy as well. Any thoughts? Please share suggestions, and head on over to design seeds. Have fun!

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