Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nightstand Re-Do

I'm so excited for two reasons: 1. I got a new camera so I can actually feel proud of the pictures posted on here. 2. I finally get to unveil the adorable revamped nightstand that is going to be in little E.'s room!

I got this little beauty for $2 at the ReStore (it's the Habitat for Humanity's goodwill.) I couldn't pass up something that cheap! It has one drawer and a great space underneath with sliding doors, perfect for some small toy or book baskets.

So this process was a little longer than it needed to be. First I spraypainted the whole thing yellow...and decided I didn't want it that color right as I finished. So...we went with a teal-y blue. I just randomly picked it because the "ocean breeze" name spoke to me at Lowes. I found a small diamond pattern stencil at Michaels for $3 that I used on the drawer. I placed the first one in a good spot, then just eyeballed it as I kept painting more diamonds, trying to make an even pattern. P.S.-- The stencil was fun and I love the finished look, but it definitely didn't come out perfect. I think I've got the hang of it now, but just don't look to closely at the finished drawer.

After that I just sanded around the edges, and a little yellow showing through looks pretty cute. I also bought new brass knobs ( I think they were 1.15 each from Lowes). ***This little table has helped me decide to do Elsie's room teal, deep purple, and mustard yellow. That means plenty more pictures to come!

Well... what do you think?! I love seeing a project come together.

** I love this adorable print, from HERE. Maybe the quote is too deep for a child's room, but it helps me be a better mother to her.


  1. Looks fabulous and I love the stencil!

  2. I like that the stencil is just a portion, great finishing touch.

  3. What a pretty and useful little piece. Great eye!

  4. Good job holding the stencil Alan… hehe! :)