Friday, January 20, 2012

The finished buffet table!

This project has been a long time coming! Back in August I passed a garage sale and spotted this massive, awesome buffet. At $50, I knew I wanted it! It sat in the garage for a while, then took a long time to get 100% finished, but I love it now! The color is perfect, and I love all the little details in the woodwork.
It wasn't in too bad of shape originally. I just took off all the knobs, re-glued some loose joints, and lightly sanded it all. Then came the fun! I chose Valspar's Breezy Blue paint for a clean, barely blue-tinted color.
Because this piece is old and not perfect, I also distressed it to help the whole piece match better. Krylon spray sealer was sprayed on last to seal that paint and ensure durability. Oh, and of course I couldn't put back on THOSE knobs. The cute glass ones were found on amazon for $20 for the set. Don't you love all the details?!
:( This big baby doesn't really fit in our house, so hopefully it'll find a good home soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Little E's big girl bed!

Happy New Year! I have a serious goal to post more on this little blog. We are planning on buying a house in the next few months, so I'll have plenty to share!
My little E. won't be moving out of her crib for a few months, but I wanted to start thinking about the vibe and style of her room. I want a calm, neutral atmosphere, with a vintage-y, romantic feel. BUT... she is a little kid! I also want some whimsy and bright touches of color. E's bed is mostly neutral, but don't worry, her room won't be all bland!
I love LOVE this wrought iron bed frame. It was mine growing up, and I'm keeping it forever. The vintage quilt at the foot of the bed was also mine. (I'm sorry I didn't notice all the wrinkles! E was trying to get her stuffed turtle while I was taking pictures.)
I made her bedspread from cuddle soft fabric (found at Joanns,) and some fabulous paisley-print minky. If you live in UT, Nuttals has a huge selection. The minky was expensive even on sale, but it holds its softness and wears so well, so I splurged. I got 2 1/2 yds of each fabric, so the pieces were 90" by 60".
To make a the scalloped edge bedspread, lay the fabric down, right sides together, and pin together in lots of places. Find a bowl that is as big as you want your scallops to be, then mark the halfway point on both sides of the bowl. Trace the bowl along the edge of the fabric, stopping each scallop where your halfway marks on the bowl are located.
Cut out the scallops and pin each one close to the edge. With a 1/4" seam, sew around the entire blanket, leaving a 5" opening. Turn blanket right-side out, and poke out each scallop. Top stitch on the outside to give scallops a crisp look. (Make sure to tuck in the 5" opening before stitching.)
Here's the finished edge! Cute! I love the colors in this pillow. I found several cute examples on pinterest, which is where I got the idea. The embroidery was a little time-consuming, but a perfect movie-watching activity.
Ahhh! It looks so cozy, fuzzy, and inviting. Elsie likes this bed already!

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