Monday, July 18, 2011

Missing and Loving

Every state has it's pros and cons. Moving has helped me be grateful for the good in both Utah and Colorado.

Currently Missing:Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes Cupcake shops don't exist where I live : (

The silliness, drama, and joy that is my sisters and mommy.

But.... I'm currently loving:

Across the street from my house. Fabulous produce for cheap!

Beautiful endless fields of corn contrasted against blue sky.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Lesson of the Wallet

As we walk out the door to run errands, E. squeals with delight at the sight of my wallet. I let her hold it and she proudly clutches it with both hands as we head towards the car. She loves to open and close it, and pull out all of my credit cards. This happens EVERY time she sees the thing.

I've always wondered why babies love things like remotes, keys, phones and wallets, and now I've decided why. These things are important to us; necessary in our daily lives. I would be frantic and lost if I couldn't find my wallet. Elsie sees how important this item is to me, and so it becomes important and interesting to her as well. She is just trying to emulate her mommy.

Just like that orange wallet, I can pass the necessity and importance of other things on to her. Today I'm committing to better show her my dedication to music, reading, being happy, and loving the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I heart Pinterest!

I finally followed the crowd and joined pinterest. Ahhhh! Organization at last. Thank goodness for a place to put all of my scattered ideas. Here's one idea I pinnedfor a bright and sunny playroom. ***P.S.- If anyone needs an invite, let me know!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frosted Marshmellow Bars

Today I made these, recipe found HERE..... Then, I went into a diabetic coma, but it was worth it! These frosted marshmellow bars are AMAZING and pretty easy as well.