Friday, February 25, 2011

Honeysuckle on the brain...

Pink has always been a fabulous color in my book, and I'm glad pantone agrees, at least for this year. The 2011 color, honeysuckle is so beautiful! See below:

Thinking of doing my bathroom pink and adding in this pink clock. Too much?

Loving these gorgeous flats from Ruche.

Or what about this sparkly ring from laralewis?

What about going all out and making a statement in your entryway? LOVE it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Faux Window Frame

Isn't this set-up just great?! I have been loving the trend of using old window frames as decor, and love even more hanging a cute wreath in front of the window. I have seen some of these old frames at antique shops, but they have been priced $30 and beyond. Way too much for me!
I was given an awesome burlap rose wreath a couple weeks ago, and before hanging it, I decided to make my own window frame. It was super easy and quick.
To make a 6-pane, 28x18" frame I used:
12 1/2 feet of 1 1/2" by 3/4" wood boards (Made of the cheapest wood I could find-- .89 a foot)
A sample can a behr paint in the color I wanted (around 2.50)
*** I also used wood glue and clamps I already had

1. Cut the wood into these lengths:
2- 28"
2- 18"
1- 25"
4- 8 1/4"

2. Assemble, with 28" pieces as top and bottom of outside frame, 18" pieces as sides of outside frame, 25" piece as center horizonal divider and 8 1/4" pieces as the vertical dividers. Glue the outer frame together and clamp to hold it. After it is dry, glue inside pieces to frame. Let dry.
3. Paint as desired.
4. I sanded it for a lovely worn, antiqued affect.
Isn't is just beautiful?! I've decided to decorate our bedroom in that deep purple, a dark mossy green, and cream. More wonderful transformations to come!

Simply Gorgeous

I know I've posted about these awesome hoodies before, but I'm dreaming of one again. Evy's Tree comes out with the most amazing ruffled hoodies and tees ever. I love all the details and the stunning brooches. If you want your chance to win one, hop on over to Evy's Tree.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

SimplyUT Feature!

I'm so happy to be featured over at SimplyUT today! I'm doing a giveaway over there giving a lucky winner a customized purse and any pair of earrings they want. Stop by and enter!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Jewelry!

I've been creating lots of spring beauties-- keeping some for myself and listing some. Check them out here.

p.s. Currently drooling over stenciled walls and sub-flooring like the pictures below. Plus, it is actually a very inexpensive project. Don't these look so fancy and beautiful?!House of Turquoise

Jones Design Company

Under the Sycamore

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My current pillow obsession

Two and a half years of marriage and five apartments later, I've decided to finally take some time to decorate. Lately I've been loving the special touch a few fabulous pillows can make. Have a look!

** The coral and yellow floral pillow is from Fandango by Moda fabric, the yellow polka dot is a cute dish towel I found, and the pink ruffle rose is strips of felt sewn to a round pillow. I especially love my family wordpress pillow. I just got on Word and fit together a bunch of words that describe our family. Then, I traced it on muslin and stitched it.

I've also gotten the top of our entertainment center to look how I want it-- Mostly neutral with a few pops of bright color that I can change out when I get bored.