Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A few happy thoughts....

I have more reasons than usual to be a happy girl!

1. Last week, I became a certified Zumba instructor and started teaching classes at my gym. I LOVE the energy and fun that dancing and working out give me. Plus, I love being with those awesome ladies in my class.

2. My anniversary is coming up, and, being the cheap-o that I am, I've been looking for restaurant/ activity deals. I found one for Ben & Jerry's on Morgan's Deals and one for a yummy pizza place on Groupon. If you EVER do anything outside your house, check it out. I love paying 50% underprice!

3. Through pinterest, I have found so many adorable (and FREE) word art printables. Positive words are a necesity in my life. I get a warm fuzzy feeling just looking at these! Thank you talented people of blogland for sharing your creativity! A few of my favorites....Diary of Dave's Wife

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