Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Colorblock Maxi Skirt

There's something so feminine, yet comfy and casual about maxi skirts. Plus, I like not having to shave my legs for church. I'm loving the color block trend right now, so I decided to make a nice, medium-weight skirt, perfect for fall weather.

I wanted the skirt to be 36" long, and about 36" circumference. (Does that make sense? So each strip is 18" wide.) I decided which colors to use, and how thick a stripe I wanted of each. The strip lengths for mine were:
Grey=19 1/4"
Green= 6"
White= 2 1/4"
Blue= 7"
Grey= 5"
Decide what length you want, then make sure to add 1" for top seam, 1/2" for bottom seam, and 1/2" for each strip (accounting for seam allowance.)
**Also notice that I angled the top grey fabric in so there was less bulk at the top.
Complete the front and back panels first, sewing together all of the strips.Pin both panels, right sides together. ** Be careful to match up the seams so when the skirt is finished, each color stripe matches up front and back.
Iron the bottom up 1/2" and hem. I went with two lines of stitching for a more finished look, although looking back, I would have used a different color of thread than cream.
Now, iron down the fabric at the top opening, about 1 inch.

Unfold the fabric, and cut a 3/4 opening in the middle of the front. (Where the drawstring will go through.)
Buttonhole stitch the opening.
Refold down fabric where you previously ironed, then sew a casing around the top of the skirt with a 3/4" or 1" seam allowance.
To make the drawstring, cut a long strip of fabric (about 1" by 40", depending on how long you want the string.) Fold it in half and sew lengthwise, then turn right side out. Thread through the casing, then knot the ends.

Ta Da! Finished product. I love the grey and bright colors! And... thanks hubs, for being the cameraman. (He's still learning!)


  1. I love it!!! I have been looking for some easy, inexpensive, comfy skirts to make for myself. Thanks!!!

  2. I just saw a bunch of inexpensive, solid knits at Wal-Mart and thought to myself, "I would like to make a skirt out of these." I just didn't know how to approach it at first and then I saw this on your blog. Good work. CUTE CUTE CUTe!

  3. Super cute and super simple... looking :)
    Can't wait to try this!


  4. Beautiful. LOVE the colors. If you get a chance I would love you to link your skirt up to More the Merrier Monday. http://diyhshp.blogspot.com/