Monday, September 19, 2011

Easiest Ruffle Dress Tutorial

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My Princess E. is already all girl. She loves putting on mommy's jewelry and filling her purse with "treasures." I'm always on the lookout for new "pretties" to make her. Today I want to share a super simple tutorial for a boutique-looking baby/ girl's dress. This dress will look so fancy on your little sweetie, and it will take 1 hour at the most to make. I found this already ruffled, beautiful fabric at Hobby Lobby for $7.00 a yard, and knew it would be perfect! Just look at those yummy ruffles!
1. For the dress width, I measured E around the chest, (19"), then added 2" for seam allowance and a little room (21".) Since I cut a front and back panel, I divided 21" in half and made each panel 10 1/2" wide. I decided how long I wanted the dress, and added 1" to be able to hem the top and bottom when finished. For the straps, I cut two pieces 9" long by 5" wide. (They'll be sewn into tubes)
2. Lay both dress pieces right sides together, making sure ruffles are facing the right way. To ensure that, after each pin, pull up the dress vertical and shake it to help them fall the right way. Fold the strap pieces in half, with the right side of the fabric on the inside. Sew the straps to form two tubes, and turn right side out. Sew both sides of the dress together, making sure to start at the top, to make sure the ruffles are sewn down correctly.

Keeping the dress inside-out, fold out the top and bottom openings 1/2" for hems, iron, and pin.

Then pin the straps to the front and back of the dress, 1" from side seam lines. Make sure you can see the seams on the outside, so they'll be hidden when the dress is right side out.

Sew the bottom and top seams, making sure not to catch any ruffles in the stitching. (Mine didn't turn out quite perfect, but it's really hard to see on this fabric!) Turn right side out, trim threads, and iron if needed.

Now what's a plain old black dress without a pop of fab color? I rolled a few fabric rosettes and made a matching necklace and hair clip set with them.

Isn't she such a dolly? It's easy to make things when you've got someone cute to wear them!

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