Sunday, March 27, 2011


We all know that babies like to put everything in their mouths, from dried out apples to pieces of tape, to bits of lint. Most of the time, I just let Elsie be, because whatever she has can't really hurt her. Well... last week she found something quite disturbing to eat. My child has a fascination with the bathroom, especially loving the height of the tub for walking along. Right on the outside of the shower is a piece of wall that has repeatedly gotten wet, and the paint has peeled off.
What happened the other day follows-

Me: Cleaning up while Elsie plays, then looking for her when I notice she is missing. I peek inside the bathroom. "What are you doing princess?"

Elsie: Looks up at me, with a smear of white across her face. Shakes her head. (This means she doesn't want to be caught in the act of whatever she is doing.) Elsie is scratching her fingers on the exposed sheetrock, getting a little off, and eating it! Gross! Whatever even possessed her to do that?!

Whenever I don't pay attention, she heads for the bathroom, and sometimes even makes it to her special little spot. It seems she liked the taste of sheetrock. But don't worry, I'm making sure to repaint it tomorrow!

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