Monday, April 4, 2011

Because of you...

Because of you:

* I make sound effects and don't even realize it...

* The laundry is never finished.

* Cheerios are now a staple in my diet.

* All of my jeans have holes in the knees.

* I'm not afraid of boogers, vomit.... need I go on?

* I never take a shower without playing peek-a-boo with the shower curtain at the same time.

* Have more tears and sorrows, but also receive more joy and blessings.

* My heart has grown three sizes, and is filled to capacity with a love I couldn't have imagined.

* My understanding of sacrifice has increase 10X.

* My reflexes have greatly improved, and sometimes, I can even forsee accidents before they happen.

* I laugh at the small things, things that matter to you and fill us both with joy.

* I am proud to be your mother, your example, your best girlfriend.

Happy Birthday my dear Princess E. Life will never be the same, and I'm ok with that. Love and kisses, Mommy

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