Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fear Conquered

A couple months ago, I thought I had scarred our baby for life. While she was in the tub, I let Elsie slip under the water and take a nice big gulp. She came up screaming, and has had the same reaction to water ever since.

Well... last week we decided to try out our town's premier pool/ fun center. I crossed my fingers and hoped E. would enjoy (or at least tolerate) the water. Tons of kids were splashing in the shallow, toddler area. Elsie's eyes always light up around kids, so this was a good start.

I stuck her into the water, which was about 6" deep, and she instantly freaked. I picked her up, and let her watch all the kids laughing and playing. This example was just what she needed, and her reaction changed from night to day. She loved to run through the water and stick her face into the fountains. Her favorite thing was a small slide, with a waterfall to go through at the end. What an excellent day it turned out to be! And if you're wondering, this positive association has transferred over to the bathtub. She loves it there too.

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  1. OH MY! Poor you and poor her! Glad you were able to find something to help her overcome her fear and replace the 'not so happy' episode with a very fun one! She's ADORABLE!