Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Favorite: Stampin' Up Necklace

Ok friends... you are totally gonna LOVE this!
A few weeks ago, I saw a stampin' up booth at a local boutique, and I was pleasantly surprized! I remember the old 90's-style stamping I did with my mom when I was little, but this company has completely re-vamped its style and products. They are ADORABLE! I know it's hard to think past Christmas, but isn't this letterpress card beautiful?! Check out Stampin' Up!

One thing I absolutely LOVED was this cute little soldered necklace. I know we've all seen these before, but this one is so much better! Besides being high quality, the metal charm swings open so you can switch out the picture. Just imagine the possibilities! It comes with 9 handstamped cards, or you could put in your favorite photo, a cute sticker or piece of scrapbooking paper. You can also get a card with your initial stamped on it. The charm is double-sided, with a smooth side and a beveled side for double the fun!
Heather, the demonstrator I met, is selling this beauty, for just $20! You also get a thick, cute chain to hang the charm on, and it'll come gift-wrapped. Even more, mention my blog and get 2 for $35! I doesn't get better, or easier than that folks. If you want to order, e-mail her at Check out her blog for more cute ideas!

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