Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not the sneak peak I wanted, but....

A couple months ago, I purchased a huge, antique buffet table. It has been so fun to paint and finish it, watching the transformation. It took a while to decide on drawer knobs, but it'll be complete in just a few days. The buffet has been sitting in our dining room, knobless, but beautiful just the same. We were hanging out today when I noticed the new creative addition Elsie had added.
Dang! I guess she couldn't find a handy piece of paper. I'll try soap and water, then just repaint if necessary!


  1. Have you ever heard of the cleaning product norwex? They make cloths that are amazing!!! They literally get out everything, including crayon! You can order them online at I just got mine in the mail this week and have been using it on everything. I love it! A must have when you have little ones around.... :)

  2. Oh soooo sorry! I have red SHARPIE on my Leather couch from my little one! Ugh! ha ha!

  3. OH, I'd cry. Then I'd grab my Magic Eraser . . . love that thing. Years ago when my twins were two, they got a black sharpie and ran a continuous line from their room, down the hallway, around the kitchen and into the dining room before I caught them. THAT required paint :)