Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten-Dollar Tuesday: Cheery Penant Banners

I have countless cheap living ideas in my head, and I'd like to get them out. So... I'm starting 10-dollar Tuesday, where each week, I'll show a decor item or something else, that was easy, fast, and under $10. I'm excited!!I'm sure most of you have seen a very popular, absolutely adorable pennant banner somewhere already. They are simple, fast, and inexpensive to make, and I decided to create one to add to my fall decor. You'll need:

2 triangle templates, one being about 3/4" smaller in diameter than the other

Scissors and pinking shears

About 1/4 yard each of two coordinating fabrics, and 1/6 yard of another matching fabric (this fabric should be darker and stand out as it is for the letters

1/6 yard of wonder under (This is double-sided iron-on adheisive)

A paper with the letters you want in the size and font you would like ( I chose to put HARVEST)

1-2 yards of matching ribbon

1. Cut out the triangles of the two fabrics, using the pinking shears for the larger triangles

2. Iron the wonder under to the wrong side of the letter fabric. Pin the letters BACKWARDS to wrong side of fabric and cut out. (That way, they'll be the right way on the right side of the fabric

3. Stitch smaller triangles to center of larger triangles.

3. Peel off wonder under paper backing from the letters, and position them on triangles, then iron

4. Pin triangles to ribbon, and stitch

5. Ta-dah! For this project the fabric was about $5, the ribbon was $1, and I already had the wonder under. I just love the whimsy it adds ...Now I just need a cuter mantle!

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